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How to Choose your Baby Name

Choosing your baby name is not an easy job, once you choose the name; your baby will have that name for life time. We can suggest you few simple steps to help you to choose your baby name

Step 1: How to test the Name Sound Choose a name you like and say loud repeatedly, and see if you and your family like the name or how it appeals to you and your family. See if the name has a pleasing sound. And call the first name along with your last name, see how it sounds like.

Step 2: Finding the Meaning of the Name Once you test your baby name with the sound, you are now ready to go to second step. Find the meaning of the name; mostly it is very hard to find the good meaning for the nice sound names. But most of the parents do not care of the meaning; the choice is completely up to you

Names Start with A



AaduMayil     Dancing Peacock

Aaranam      Name of an Ornament 

AatralArasi   Achiever; Skilled



Agalvili  Broad Eyes 

Aganagai  Inner Happiness 

Ahila Worldly; Knowledgeable; also Ahilam ; also Aki 

Alagarasi Queen of Beauty 

Alagi Beautiful; pron. azhagi 

Alagini  Beautiful and Sweet; See Alagi

Alagu – Beauty; See Alagi

Alaimagal                                  Goddess of Wealth; Daughter of the Ocean 


Alli                                                      – Name of a Beautiful Flower 

Amaidhi                                                 Peace 

Amaidhini                                              Peaceful and Sweet 

Ambuvili                                                Piercing Eyes; Eyes resembling an Arrow tip 

Ammani                                                 Gem of a Girl 

Amudham                                              Sweet 

Amudhini                                              Sweet 

Anandi                                                   Merrisome; Full of smiles 


Anbalagi                                                Lovely and Beautiful; See Anbu 

Anbini                                                    Kind and Sweet 

Anbu                                             – Love; Lovely; Kindness 

Anbulam                                                Lovely; Kind-Hearted 

Anbumoli                                              Who Speaks Kindly 

AnbuValli                                              Kind 


Anicham                                                Name of a Beautiful Flower; also AnichaMalar 


Annam                                                   Able to discriminate between good and bad; Swan Bird; also Annakili 

AnnaMayil                                            Annam (swan bird) + Mayil (Peacock) 

Aram                                                   - Righteous; pron. aRam 

Aramoli                                                  Righteous Word; See Aram 

Arasi   – Queen 

Arivalagi                                                Intelligent and Beautiful 

Arivoli                                                    Ray of Intelligence; See ArivuChudar 

Arivudai                                                Intelligent 

ArivuMalar                                           Intelligent Flower 

Arul     – God’s Grace 

Arularasi                                                Blessed Queen 

Aruli    – Blessed 

Arulmani                                                Blessed Gem 

ArulVadivu                                           Embodiment of Grace 

Arumai                                                   Unique 

Aruna                                                     Brilliant 

Arutpa                                                   Divine Song 

Athipoo                                                 Name of a Flower 

Atpudham                                             Miracle 

Avvai                                                     Name of a famous ancient Thamil Poetess 

AadalAlagi                                            Artistic and Beautiful 

AadalChelvi                                          Artistic 

AadalNangai                                         Artistic 

Alagammai                                            Beautiful; also Alagammal 

AlaguChelvi                                          Beautiful Girl 

AlaguMalar                                           Beautiful Flower 

AlaguMani                                            Beautiful Gem 

AlaguMayil                                           Beautiful like a Peacock 


AlaguValli                                             Beautiful 

Alaiarasi                                                Queen of Waves 

Allikodi                                                  Alli Flower Vine 

AmaidhiChelvi                                      Girl of Peace 

AmaidhiMalar                                       Flower of Peace 

AmaidhiVadivu                                    Symbol of Peace 

AmudhaMoli                                        Who Speaks Sweet 

Anbarasi                                                Lovely; See Anbu 

Anbaruvi                                               Kind-hearted; See Anbu 

Anbumani                                             Lovely Gem 

AngayarKanni                                      Girl with Beautiful Eyes resembling a fish; See KayalVili 


Annammal                                             Able to discriminate between good and bad; Swan Bird; See Annam 

Arachelvi                                               Righteous Girl; See Aram 

Aramagal                                               Righteous Girl; See Aram 

Arakodi                                                  Righteous Girl; See Aram 

Aravaani                                                Righteous; See Aram 

Arivarasi                                                Queen of Intelligence 

ArivuChudar                                         Ray of Intelligence; See Arivoli 

ArivudaiNayaki                                    Intelligent 

ArivuMani                                            Intelligent Gem 

Arulammal                                             Blessed Girl 

ArulChelvi                                             Blessed Girl; also ArutChelvi, ArulSelvi 

ArulDevi                                                Blessed 

ArulMaari                                              Gracious Goddess Maari; Rain of Grace 

ArulMarai                                              Divine Word 

ArulMoli                                                God’s Word 

ArulNangai                                           Blessed Girl 

ArulVadivu                                           Full of Grace 

ArulVili                                                  Eyes Radiating Grace 

ArumaiChelvi                                        Unique Girl; See Arumai 

ArutChelvi                                            Blessed Girl; See ArulChelvi 


Aabha                                                    Light

Aadarshini                                            Idealistic 

Aadita                                                    From the beginning 

Aadrika                                                  Mountain 

Aadya                                                    First or preliminary 

Aaheli                                                    Pure 

Aahna                                                    Exist 

Aaina                                                     Mirror 

Aakaanksha                                          Wish or desire 

Aakriti                                                    Shape 

Aamani                                                  Spring season (vasanth ritu) 


Aanandita                                             Purveyor of Joy 

Aanchal                                                 Shelter 



Aaratrika                                                The Dusk Lamp beneath ‘Tulsi’ plant 

Aarini                                                     Adventurous 

Aarna                                                     Laxmi

Aarohi                                                    A music tune 


Aarti                                                      - Form of worship 

Aarushi                                                  First rays 

Aashi                                                     Smile 


Aashita                                                  One who is full of hope

Aashiyana                                             “Beautiful home, Small Dwelling, Nest” 

Aashna                                                  Beloved; Devoted to love 


Aashritha                                              Somebody who gives shelter 


Aastha                                               - Faith 

Aathmika                                               Related to aathma or soul 

Aatmaja                                                 Daughter 

Aayushi                                                 One with long life 

Abha                                                      Beautiful 

Abhilasha                                              Wish; Desire 


Abhira                                                    Cow herd 

Abhirami                                                Goddess Parvati

Abhiruchi                                              Beautiful

Abhisarika                                             Beloved 

Abhitha                                                 Fearless (Goddess Parvati) 

Abirami                                                  Godessname; Godess Lakshmi 

Aboli                                                      A flower 

Achla                                                     Constant 

Achyutha                                              Immovable 

Adhya                                                    First power 

Aditi                                                     – Mother of the Gods 

Adiya                                                     Gods treasure; Jewel 

Adrisa                                                    Mountain Lord 

Advika                                                   Unique 

Adwita                                                   Unique 

Adwiteya                                               Unique 

Adwitiya                                                Matchless 

Aesha                                                    Love 

Agamya                                                 Knowledge; Wisdom 

Agneta                                                   Fire

Ahanti                                                    Gift 

Ahilya                                                    Wife of a rishi 


Aishi                                                      God’s gift


Aishwarya                                             Wealth; Prosperity 

Aja                                              – One who is self existent 


Ajeya                                                     Lord Vishnu 

Ajita    – A Winner 

Akaisha                                                 Flower 

Akanksha                                              Wish;Desire; Ambition; Hope 

Akashleena                                           Star

Akhila                                                    Complete 

Akriti                                                      Shape; Form 

Akshadha                                              God’s blessings 

Akshainie                                              Goddess Parvati 

Akshamala                                            Garland of rudraksh 

Akshara                                                 Letter 

Akshata                                                 Rice 


Akshi                                                     Existence 

Akshita                                                  Wonder girl 

Alak     – World; Beautiful tresses 

Alaka                                                      Girl; Curl; Lock of hair 

Alaknanda                                             A river 

Alaknanda                                             River name

Alankrita                                                Decorated lady 

Aleesha                                                 Noble or Nobality


Alisha                                                    Protected 

Alka     – Beauty 

Almas                                                     Diamond 

Aloki   – Brightness 

Alpa    – Small 

Alpana                                                   Beautiful 

Amala, Amla                                         the pure one 

Amanda                                                 Precious thing 


Amber                                                    From the stone. Healing 

Ambika                                                  Goddess Parvati 

Ambuja                                                  born of a Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi 

Amita                                                     without limit 

Amodini                                                 joyful 

Amrapali                                                famous courtesan who became a evotee of Buddha 

Amrita                                                    immortality 

Amritkala                                               nectarine art 

Amrusha                                                sudden 

Amy    – Loved 

Anagha                                                  sinless 

Anahita                                                  graceful 

Anala                                                     fiery 

Anamika                                                ring-finger 

Anandamayi                                         full of joy 

Anandi                                                   jovial 

Anandini                                               joyful 

Ananya                                                  without a second 

Anasuya, Anasooya                           wife of Rishi Atri 

Anchal                                                    the decorative end of a sari 

Andrea                                                   Feminine form of Andrew 

Angana                                                  an suspicious or handsome woman 

Angarika                                                a flame-coloured flower-Palash or Flame of the Forest 

Anindita                                                beautiful 

Anisha                                                   uninterrupted 

Anita   – grace 

Anitia                                                     See Ann 

Anjali                                                     offering with both hands 

Anjana                                                   mother of Hanuman 

Anju    – one who lives in the heart 

Anjushri, Anjushree                            dear to one’s heart 

Anna   – Graceful 

Annabel                                                 Lovable 

Annabelle                                              Graceful or beatiful 

Annapurna                                            Goddess Parvati; generous with food 

Anshula                                                 sunny 

Antara                                                    the second note in Hindustani classical music 

Anumati                                                 consent 

Anupama                                               without equal 

Anuradha                                              name of a star 

Anuva                                                    knowldege 

Anwesha                                               quest 

Apala                                                     name of a learned woman of the past 

Aparijita                                                 undefeated; name of a flower 

Aparna                                                   Goddess Parvati 

Apsara                                                   celestial maiden 

Apurva,              – Apoorva  unique 

Aradhana                                              worship 

Arati, Aaarti                                           worship 

Archa                                                     worship 

Archan                                                   worship 

Archana                                                 worship 


Archit  – Aruna  

Aretha                                                    Best 

Ariel    – Water or Air Spirit 

Arka    – Arkesh  

Arpana                                                   surrendered 

Arpita                                                     dedicated 

Arshia                                                    heavenly 

Aruna                                                     dawn 


Arundhati                                              a star 

Aruni   – dawn 

Arunima                                                 glow of dawn 



Asavari                                                  name of a raga or melody 

Aseema, Ashima                                  limitless 

Asgari                                                    devotee 

Asha  hope,                                          aspiration 

Ashis                                                     benediction 

Ashley                                                   Ash Wood 

Ashna                                                    friend 

Ashoka               – without grief 

Ashwini                                                 a star 

Asita   – the river Yamuna 

Aslesha                                                 a star 

Asmita                                                   pride 

Astrid                                                     Devine Strength 

Atasi   – a blue flower 

Atmaja                                                   daughter 

Atreyi                                                     name of a river 

Audrey               – Noble Strength 

Avani,                                                    Abani  earth 

Avanti                                                     ancient Malwa; Ujjain 

Avantika                                                city of Ujjain 

Ayesha               – daughter of the Prophet 

Ayushmati                                            one who has a long life 

Aziza   – a friend