Names Start with C

Cheliyan                                                       Prosperous; Rich; Resourceful; pron chezhiyan 
ChellaKani                                                   Precious 
Chellan                                                         Precious 
ChellaMani                                                  Precious gem; see Selvamani 
Chembiyan                                                   also Sembiyan 
Chemmal                                                       Perfect; also Semmal 
Chemmani                                                    Precious Gem; also Semmani 
Chemmoli                                                     Precious Words; pron chemmozhi 
Cheralathan                                                                A Chera King 
Cheramaan                                                   A Chera King 
Cheran                                                          The Chera King; From the Chera (currently Kerala) country 
Chindhanai                                                                  Intelligence; Thought 
ChinnaDurai                                                Prince 
ChinnaMuthu                                              Little Pearl 
Chokkan                                                       God Sivan 
Cholan                                                          The Chola King; From the Chola Country 
Chudar                                                          Brilliant; also Sudar 
ChudarMani                                                Brilliant 
ChudarOli                                                     Brilliant 
ChellaKannu                                                Precious; see Selvakannu 
ChellaKumaran                                            Precious; see Selvakumaran 
ChellaMuthu                                               Precious pearl; see Selvamuthu 
ChellaPerumal                                              Precious; see Selvaperumal 
Chellappan                                                   Precious 
ChellaThurai                                                Precious 
Chennimalai                                                 One of the Abodes of God Murugan 
CheraNadan                                                 The Chera King; From the Chera (currently Kerala) country 
ChevalKodiyon                                           God Murugan 
Chidambaram                                               One of the Abodes of God Sivan 
ChidambaraNathan                                     God Sivan 
ChidambaraSami                                         God Sivan 
ChidambaraVel                                            God Murugan 
ChindhanaiChelvan                                    Intelligent; Thoughtful 
Chinnaiyan                                                                  Prince 
Calder                                                           Cool Clear Spring 
Caleb                                                             Messanger, Dog 
Calvin                                                           Bald One 
Cameron                                                       Place name crooked stream, crooked nose 
Carlos                                                           Strong and manly 
Cary                                                              Place name, pleasent stream 
Casey                                                            Watchful 
Ceasar                                                           Hairy Child 
Cesar                                                             Long Haired 
 Good cheer 
Chain                                                            Peace 
Chaitanya                                                     Famous sage 
Chakradev                                                    Lord Vishnu 
Chakradhar                                                  Lord Vishnu  
Chakravarthi                                                King 
Champak                                                      Flower 
Chanakya                                                     Bright 
Chandramouli                                              Moon as crown; Lord Shiva
Chandran                                                     Moon 
Chandrashekar                                            Lord Shiva 
Chandresh                                                                   Lord Shiva; Moon 
Charan                                                          Feet
Chatresh                                                       Lord Shiva 
Chatura                                                         Clever 
Chetan                                                          Perceptive 
Chhatrabhuj                                                 Lord Vishnu 
Chidambaram                                               Lord Siva’s temple
Chidhatma                                                   Big soul
Chikku                                                          Sweet; fruit 
Chiman                                                         Curious 
Chinar                                                           Name of a beautiful tree
Chinmay                                                       Supreme consciousness; Name of Lord Ganesha 
Chinmayu                                                     Supreme consciousness 
Chintan                                                         A thought 
Chirag                                                           Lamp; Deepak 
Chiranjiv                                                       Immortal 
Chitesh                                                         Lord of the soul 
Chitt                                                              Mind  
Chunmay                                                      Supreme consciousness
Christopher                                                                 One who belives in Christ 
Chudamani                                                   jewel adorned by the gods 
Clarence                                                       Place name 
Clark                                                              Surname, scholar 
Claud                                                            Lame 
Clay                                                               Surname, clay-pit worker 
Clayton                                                         Surname, place name, clay-pit site 
Clifford                                                         Placename, near a slope 
Clinton                                                          Surname, place name, near a hill 
Coleman                                                       Dove, peace 
Colin                                                             dove 
Colston                                                         Place name,surname 
Conner                                                          High desire 
Cooper                                                          Surname 
Corbett                                                         Black hair 
Cortez                                                           Surname, place name 
Cosmo                                                          Order 
Craig                                                             Rocky outcropping 
Curtis                                                            Courteous 
Cyril                                                              Lord, ruler 
ChinnaMani                                                 Little Gem 
ChinnaPandi                                                Pandiya Prince 
ChinnaVel                                                    God Murugan 
Chokkanathan                                             God Sivan 
Cholaiyarasan                                             King of the Gardens 
CholaNadan                                                 The Chola King; From Chola Country 
ChudarMadhi                                              Brilliant 

Names Start with D

Dayalan                                                 Kind 
DeivaMani                                            Blessed Gem 
Deeran                                                   Achiever; also Dheeran & Theeran 
Devan                                                    Godly; also Thevan 
DevaNathan                                          Godly 
DevaNesan                                           Pious; also DevaNeyan 
Devaram                                                Name of a divine scripture; also Thevaram 
DuraiMurugan                                      God Murugan 
DuraiVel                                                 also DuraiVelan 
Dabeet                                                   warrior 
Dagan                                                    Corn or grain 
Daman                                                    one who controls 
Damian                                                   tamer 
Damodar                                                Lord Ganapati 
Damon                                                   blue sky 
Darpan                                                   a mirror 
Darshan                                                 religious text 
Dasharath                                              the father of Lord Rama 
Dasharathi                                             Lord Rama 
David                                                     beloved 
Debashis                                               benediction of god 
Deenabandhu                                       friend of the poor 
Deep                                                       that which illuminates 
Deepak                                                   light 
Deepan                                                                  lighting up 
Deepankar                                             lord of light 
Deependu                                              bright moon 
Deepesh                                                lord of light 
Deepit                                                    lighted 
Deeptanshu                                          the sun 
Deeptendu                                            bright moon 
Deeptiman                                             lustrous 
Deeptimoy                                             lustrous 
Dev  God,                                              king 
Dev Kumar                                            son of gods 
Deva                                                       deity 
Devabrata                                              a name of Bhisma 
Devadas                                                follower of God 
Devajyoti                                               brightness of the Lord 
Devak                                                     divine 
Devashish                                              blessings of God 
Devdutta                                               king  
Devendra                                               God of Gods 
Devesh                                                                  Lord Shiva 
Deveshwar                                            Lord Shiva 
Devnarayan                                          king 
Devnath                                                 King of gods 
Deyaan                                                  Concentration
Dhairya                                                  Patience 
Dhananjay                                             Arjuna 
Dhanesh                                                Lord of wealth 
Dhanraj                                                  King of wealth 
Dhanu                                                    Man of wealth
Dhanvin                                                 Lord Shiva 
Dharmendra                                          Lord of righteousness 
Dharmesh                                              Lord of righteousness 
Dharmik                                                 Religious
Dhigana                                                 Masti 
Dhimant                                                 Intelligent 
Dhir                                                        Wise 
Dhiraj                                                     Patience 
Dhrupad                                                Lord Krishna 
Dhruv                                                     Firm 
Dhruv                                                     A Star
Dhruva                                                                  Son of Uttanapad 
Dhumal                                                  Purple; Smoke coloured
Dhureen                                                 Accomplished 
Dhyanam                                               Attentive
Digvijay                                                 Conqueror 
Diler                                                        Brave
Dilip                                                        Protector 
Diliso                                                      Beautiful sky 
Dinesh                                                                   Sun 
Dipen                                                     Lord of the lamp 
Dipendu                                                 Moon 
Dipesh                                                                   Lord of light 
Diptanshu                                             Sun 
Dipten                                                    Brightened 
Divakar                                                  The sun 
Divit                                                       Immortal 
Divjot                                                     Divine light
Divyesh                                                 Full of Divinity 
Dulal                                                       Loved one 
Durijesh                                                 Moon 
Dushyant                                              Destroyer of evil 
Dyaus                                                    King of heaven and the first man on earth
Dyumani                                                Lord Shiva